A2LA’s leadership team guides the company in its mission to provide independent, world-class accreditation and training programs.

五星彩票Lonnie Spires

Lonnie Spires

President and Chief Executive Officer

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五星彩票Tom Tovey

Tom Tovey

Chief Financial Officer

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五星彩票Trace McInturff

Trace McInturff

Vice President - Accreditation 五星彩票

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五星彩票Diana Elias

Diana Elias

Senior Director - Human Resources

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五星彩票Steve Medellin

Steve Medellin

Director - Marketing and Business Development

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五星彩票Randy Querry

Randy Querry

Director - Government Relations

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五星彩票Adam Gouker

Adam Gouker

General Manager - Accreditation 五星彩票

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五星彩票Rob Miller

Rob Miller

General Manager - Accreditation 五星彩票

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五星彩票Chris Gunning

Chris Gunning

General Manager - Accreditation 五星彩票

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Board of Directors

  • Chair: Brad Goskowicz


  • Vice Chair: David Evanson

    Evanson Microbiological 五星彩票, LLC

  • Secretary/Treasurer: Mary Kay Krogull


  • Ethics Officer: Judith Morgan

    Pace Analytical 五星彩票, Inc. - Corporate

  • Chair, Advisory Council: Niel Zuern


  • Member at Large: Brian Kenna

    SIMCO Electronics

  • Member at Large: Robin Stombler

    Auburn Health Strategies, LLC

  • Member at Large: Tony Youssef


  • Ex-Officio: Lonnie Spires


  • Counsel: Darla J. McClure

    Stein Sperling