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五星彩票FSMA Accreditation Program Nearing Finalization

FSMA Accreditation Program Nearing Finalization

As part of ongoing policy developments under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is working to establish its own accreditation program for food testing laboratories. This program will be carried out by accreditation bodies (ABs), such as A2LA, that are recognized by the FDA based on criteria established in the FSMA Proposed Rule on Laboratory Accreditation. The same rule establishes the requirements that food testing laboratories must meet to gain accreditation. Although this new rule has been posted for comment since November of 2019, the FDA has recently extended the comment period until July 6th, 五星彩票 to give interested parties additional opportunities to weigh in.

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五星彩票Securisea Becomes First FedRAMP 3PAO Accredited Through New Process

Securisea Becomes First FedRAMP 3PAO Accredited Through New Process

In June of 2018, A2LA initiated a new system for third-party assessment organizations (3PAOs) seeking to become FedRAMP accredited. Under this system, any organization seeking to become an accredited 3PAO must first become accredited to A2LA’s Cybersecurity Inspection Body Program. Organizations accredited to this program will spend approximately one year demonstrating their adherence to the requirements of the cybersecurity program before opting to transition to the FedRAMP program. This two-step process serves to first establish a level of more generalized technical competence in the cybersecurity field before organizations are considered for the more specialized FedRAMP program. We are pleased to announce that San Francisco-based information security company Securisea is the first company to achieve FedRAMP accreditation through this newly implemented A2LA process.

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五星彩票Happy World Metrology day from A2LA

Happy World Metrology day from A2LA

In 1875, representatives of 17 nations gathered in Paris, France to sign the Metre Convention: an agreement that was designed to take measurement standardization out of the hands of any one specific nation. As part of this agreement, the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) was created and formalized. The primary role of the BIPM is to standardize and coordinate systems and units of measure around the world, and the BIPM’s significance in the world of science and global trade has grown exponentially over the last 145 years. May 20th of every year, the anniversary of the Metre Convention, is now designated as World Metrology Day, and is used as an opportunity to inform the public of the critical role measurements and measurement consistency plays in the modern world.

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五星彩票A2LA Announces New Core Values

A2LA Announces New Core Values

Over the course of the last year, a dedicated team of A2LA employees were entrusted with the task of identifying and codifying a set of core values that capture A2LA’s ideals and provide a benchmark for our future endeavors. The five-person group included members from several different A2LA departments, to help lend a diverse perspective to the process. “The values chosen are meant to exemplify A2LA’s culture and what makes our company unique.” Explained Ashley Kamauf, A2LA’s Inspection Body Program Manager and a member of the team responsible for developing the core values. “It was emphasized that the values should not be aspirational, but rather a formal documentation of how we are already operating."

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五星彩票A2LA Supports New California Water Board Accreditation Requirements

A2LA Supports New California Water Board Accreditation Requirements

May 8, 五星彩票, Frederick, MD - On May 5th 五星彩票, California’s State Water Resources Control Board announced the adoption of a new set of regulations designed to modernize the Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP). These new regulations will require accredited laboratories to implement the NELAC Institute (TNI) 2016 Standard, a nationally recognized standard that covers not only laboratories’ analytical methods, but a broader set of factors including the quality of equipment and supplies they use, and the training of laboratory staff. While some laboratories are already operating under the requirements of the TNI Standard, the majority of the facilities overseen by ELAP will need to undergo a transitionary process to ensure they comply with these new regulations

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五星彩票A2LA Customer Care Profiles: Andy Randolph

A2LA Customer Care Profiles: Andy Randolph

This week marks one month since the official launch of the A2LA Customer Care Department, and the last entry in our series profiling our attentive and dedicated Customer Care Representatives. Andy Randolph, the most recent of our four hires for the department, shared some information about himself and his experience with A2LA so far.

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五星彩票A2LA Contracted to Assess Louisiana Laboratories Under LELAP

A2LA Contracted to Assess Louisiana Laboratories Under LELAP

May 5, 五星彩票, Frederick, MD – In early 五星彩票, A2LA was awarded a three-year contract with the Department of Environmental Quality of the State of Louisiana, making them one of a small group of providers authorized to assess laboratories under the Louisiana Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (LELAP). LELAP is responsible for accrediting environmental laboratories throughout the state of Louisiana, ensuring quality and consistency of reported results across all laboratories within their purview. This provides confidence that data, much of which is submitted to the Department of Environmental Quality or the Department of Natural Resources, is produced using reliable methods.

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五星彩票A2LA Customer Care Profiles: Frank Matthews

A2LA Customer Care Profiles: Frank Matthews

Welcome五星彩票 back to the A2LA Customer Care Department profile series, helping you get to know the clever and talented people who are hard at work making A2LA’s newest department the best it can be. Join us as we get to know the subject of this week’s profile: Frank Matthews.

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五星彩票A2LA Customer Care Profiles: Clinterria Jones

A2LA Customer Care Profiles: Clinterria Jones

The A2LA Customer Care Department has been hard at work over the last two weeks responding to customer inquiries, growing their knowledge of accreditation concepts, and collaborating with other departments to deliver the best customer experience in the industry. This week, as part of the department launch, we are continuing our four-part series individually profiling A2LA’s new customer care representatives. Clinterria Jones kindly shared some information about herself for the blog.

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五星彩票Oneworld Accuracy Expands A2LA Scope to Support Accurate, Accessible COVID-19 Testing

Oneworld Accuracy Expands A2LA Scope to Support Accurate, Accessible COVID-19 Testing

Oneworld Accuracy, a Vancouver-based proficiency testing provider, recently contacted A2LA with a request to expand their scope of accreditation to cover their newly developed COVID-19 proficiency testing program under ISO/IEC 17043. Due to the severity of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, A2LA and Oneworld Accuracy immediately began working together to complete the scope expansion on an accelerated timeline, and the new scope was issued on April 17th. Proficiency testing (commonly called external quality assessment or EQA in the clinical realm) evaluates the analytical performance of participants by comparing it to pre-established clinical criteria via interlaboratory comparison. This process is critical to ensuring accurate laboratory testing methods and reliable test results. Oneworld Accuracy’s COVID-19 program is uniquely positioned to play a key role in the global effort to control the spread of coronavirus.

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