A2LA Today September 2018 Newsletter

In This Issue...

 A2LA Acquires WorkPlace Training

By Kelsey Roberts, A2LA Marketing Manager


On August 27th, at the NCSLI Workshop and Symposium’s opening reception, A2LA and WorkPlace Training announced A2LA’s acquisition of WorkPlace Training. The addition of WPT’s robust e-learning modules will complement A2LA’s wide-reaching instructor-led classroom training offerings. E-learning modules offered by WPT include tutorials, practice, assessments and record keeping on topics such as measurement, calibration and ISO/IEC 17025.

“The addition of WorkPlace Training completes a full spectrum of training offerings and delivery, from international standards to measurements and from instructor-led to e-learning, to bolster laboratory conformance, competence, and confidence,” expressed Tim Osborne, Senior Director of Training 五星彩票. “The values, vision and mission that WPT embraced for 30 years parallels those of A2LA which results in an immediate win for the customer.”

WPT was founded in 1989, with the purpose of delivering a comprehensive, relevant and current measurement science training curriculum. Since their founding, WPT has provided training for thousands of learners around the world.

 A2LA Recognized as one of Frederick County Best Places to Work

By Lauren Bisson, A2LA HR Generalist

五星彩票A2LA was honored at an awards reception on Thursday, July 26th as one of Frederick County Best Places to Work. The Frederick County Best Places to Work campaign recognizes innovative, creative and forward-thinking employers located in Frederick County, MD.

The theme for this year’s award, “Family First” highlighted organizations in the local community for their commitment to their employees in and out of the workplace. In addition to the robust line of benefits offered by A2LA, including comprehensive healthcare coverage, tuition assistance and an attractive 403(b) retirement contribution, A2LA provides its employees with a multitude of options when it comes to managing work-life balance. A2LA staff are provided with a generous amount of paid time off for vacation, sick and holiday time, work from 五星彩票 options, as well as flexible or compressed work schedules so that staff can attend to their personal and family matters. “We are continuously seeking feedback from staff on how we can offer the best work-life balance through unique benefits that provide value to our employees,” said Diana Elias, Senior Director of HR at A2LA.

As an organization where family is engrained in the workplace culture, A2LA was honored to accept this year’s award. The people that make up A2LA’s workforce come together as co-workers, but it is also a place where individuals come to make life-long friendships. Staff regularly grab lunch together, attend the gym or participate in team building events throughout the work week and it is not uncommon to see employees getting together for activities outside of office hours with each other and their families.


 A2LA Celebrates 40th Anniversary with Reception at Headquarters

By Kelsey Roberts, A2LA Marketing Manager


A2LA celebrated its 40th anniversary on July 18th, with a reception at Headquarters in Frederick, MD. A2LA members, customers, past and present staff, local government representatives and other invited guests gathered to reminisce on A2LA’s past and look to the future potential for A2LA to expand in its goal of making the world a better place through accreditation.

Julianna Albowicz, on behalf of Senator Chris Van Hollen, presented A2LA with a senatorial citation in recognition of this milestone achievement. A2LA’s unveiled recently expanded office space including a new conference room, which was dedicated at the event. Long-time legal counsel, Jim Hostetler, was honored with the dedication of the new “Hostetler Board Room.”

“A2LA has been continuously successful over its 40-year history. Our celebration not only recognized what A2LA has historically achieved, but also the foundation we are setting for future success and growth. I look forward to another 40 years of A2LA providing leadership in its industry,” said Lonnie Spires, A2LA President and CEO.

 ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Transition Reminder

By Trace McInturff, A2LA Senior Director Accreditation 五星彩票

As indicated in the June A2LA Today and our November 30, 2017 Transition Memorandum we began assessing to the new ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard on April 1st.  New applications received prior to September 30, 2018 still have the option of being assessed to either the :2005 or the :2017 version of the standard. However, all renewal assessments with Certificates expiring after September 30, 2018 must be assessed to the new ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard so that A2LA can meet the ILAC imposed three-year implementation deadline of November 30, 五星彩票.

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please contact your Accreditation 五星彩票 Officer.

 A2LA Staff Updates

By Lauren Bisson, A2LA HR Generalist

This quarter we celebrated a few significant employee milestones!

   10 years

  • Jason Poore, Senior Accreditation Officer - Calibration

    1 year

  • Peter Davis, Accreditation Officer - IB & Materials
  • Tom Tovey, Director - Finance and IT

Congratulations to each of these individuals for reaching these significant milestones in your career! A2LA appreciates their hard work, dedication and commitment and we look forward to seeing what the future at A2LA holds for them.

New Staff:

五星彩票Since the last edition of A2LA Today, we welcome Mr. Alexander (Alex) Sexton to the A2LA team. Before deciding to join A2LA, Alex held a research position in the Psychology Lab at Hood College (Frederick, MD), while he finished his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Alex was also involved in collegiate sports and was a member of the men’s tennis team throughout his time at Hood College. Mr. Sexton joined the A2LA team in July of this year and is currently an Accreditation Officer on the Inspection Body and Materials Testing team.

We are pleased to welcome Alex to A2LA and look forward to seeing what the future has in store for him!

 NIST/NVCASE Renews Recognition of A2LA

By Megan Riebau, A2LA EMC Program Manager

In June of 2018, A2LA underwent our biennial audit for the purpose of confirming A2LA’s NIST/NVCASE recognition for accrediting Telecommunication Certification Bodies (TCBs) that certify products related to telecommunication equipment.  

A representative from NIST performed the renewal audit, which included an in-depth review of A2LA’s policies, procedures, records, staff qualifications, and assessor competence. Staff and assessors were interviewed as a part of this audit, where zero non-conformities were identified.

TCBs are to be accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 17065:2012 – Conformity assessment – Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services, and any program specific requirements for the specific certification scheme as required by relevant regulatory bodies or A2LA.

NIST/NVCASE recognition enables A2LA accredited TCBs to certify that specified telecommunication equipment satisfies designated foreign or domestic government regulatory requirements. This is a crucial step in the process before many devices can be placed on the market in specific countries.

 A2LA Accreditation Firsts

By Kelsey Roberts, A2LA Marketing Manager

Since the last publication of A2LA Today, A2LA has accredited its first cannabis testing laboratory in Massachusetts, its first City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Special Inspection Agency, and its first Clinical Laboratory Improvement Program (CLIP) Accreditation.

A2LA announced the accreditation of EVIO Labs Massachusetts DBA Viridis Analytics to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for cannabis testing on August 1, 2018. EVIO Labs Massachusetts is based in Southborough, MA, and is the first cannabis testing laboratory accredited by A2LA in the state.

A2LA accredited its first City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Special Inspection Agency to the ISO/IEC 17020:2012 - Requirements for the Operation of Various Types of Bodies Performing Inspection.  Distinct Engineering Solutions, Inc., located in North Brunswick, NJ, added the Philadelphia requirements to their Scope of Accreditation to extend their existing accreditation to additional jurisdictions. They received initial accreditation to ISO 17020:2012 for the New York City Special Inspection requirements on April 11, 2016.   

A2LA provided its first Clinical Laboratory Improvement Program (CLIP) Accreditation to the US Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD in August. The accreditation is the result of a successful multi-day on-site assessment conducted by a team of experts that included reviewing the laboratory documents, examining technical data and records, evaluating the performance of testing, and interviewing laboratory staff and technical management to determine technical competence specific to the testing requested.

 New & Updated Documents

By Pam Wright, A2LA Quality Manager

The following documents have been updated within the controlled A2LA management system. These documents are available on the A2LA website (www.) through the “Search” tool or may only be available on your customized portal (as appropriate) unless otherwise indicated.

If you have any questions about these updates, please contact A2LA at 301.644.3248 or your Accreditation Officer.

Checklists (A2LA Customer Portal Only):

C205 – Combined ISO/IEC 17025 and Environmental Testing Laboratory Accreditation Program Requirements is a revised document dated 6/18/18. Editorial for: updated clause N. to include the entire clause from the TNI 2009 standard (Customer Portal Only).

C212 - Specific Checklist - Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) Accreditation Program is a revised document dated 8/27/18 for minor editorial changes (Customer Portal Only).

C913 - Specific Checklist - ISO 15189 Program Point of Care Testing-POCT is a revised document dated 9/5/18. Editorial for update to ISO 22870:2016 version that provides inclusion of cross-references to the applicable clauses in ISO 15189:2012 (Customer Portal Only).


F349 - Subcontractor Competency Confirmation Form for 17034 – 17043 is a new form dated 8/20/18 (Customer Portal Only).


A402 – Accreditation Council Handbook is a revised document dated 6/18/2018. Editorial changes for:

  • Added transfer application to question 14;
  • Updated header.  

(AC Portal Only)


R244 - Specific Requirements - EPA Title VI Formaldehyde Testing Laboratories is a revised document dated 7/6/18. Editorial changes for: All references to ASTM E1333-10 and ASTM D6007-02 were updated to ASTM E1333-14 and ASTM D6007-14, respectively (Customer Portal Only).

R312 - Specific Requirements - EPA Title VI Formaldehyde TPCs is a revised document dated 7/6/18. Editorial changes for: All references to ASTM E1333-10 and ASTM D6007-02 were updated to ASTM E1333-14 and ASTM D6007-14, respectively (Customer Portal Only).

P103a - Annex Policy on Estimating Measurement Uncertainty for Automotive & Materials Testing Labs is a revised document dated 6/11/18. Non-editorial changes for:

  • Added ASTM D7334, D6344 and GMW 16998 as Category IV test methods.

P107- Policy on Transferring Accreditation is a revised document dated 5/29/2018. Non-editorial changes for:

  • Removed requirement to submit MU budgets, and official accreditation letter;
  • Added note that further corrective actions and MU budgets may be requested on a case by case basis.

P112 - Flexible Scope Policy is a revised document dated 6/29/2018. Non-editorial changes for:

  • Updated for addition of ISO/IEC 17034 reference material producers and proficiency testing providers;
  • Added clarification for calibration scopes as flexible scopes.

R302 - General Requirements - Accreditation of ISO-IEC 17043 Proficiency Testing Providers & R303 - General Requirements -TNI Proficiency Testing and SSAS Provider Accreditation Program & R304 – General Requirements:  ISO 17034 Reference Material Producer Accreditation Program. Non-Editorial changes for:

  • Clarification in Part B that A2LA must be notified when there are changes to subcontractors.
  • Editorial Changes.

R105 - Requirements When Making Reference to A2LA Accredited Status is a revised document dated 8/8/18. Non-Editorial changes for:

  • Changed proposed usage to AcO.
  • Added usage of combined ILAC-A2LA accredited symbol for PTP and RMP is prohibited.
  • Added usage of combined IAF-A2LA accredited symbol is prohibited.
  • Added table of contents and cover page.